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Droid Character Articles

There are some guidelines for the organization of droid character articles within Wookieepedia. Though there is some flexibility, the following sections are typical:
  1. Biography provides an account of the notable events in the droid character's career. The level of detail in this section is up to the individual author. However, a middle ground between succinct and lengthy is generally preferable. It is generally expected that this section will be divided into subsections on lengthy articles, though the appropriate sectioning of this is left to the author.
  2. Characteristics describes personality traits evident in the source material and how these influence the droid character's behavior. Examples should be given where possible. Specific programming abilities and physical technical specifications are described here as well, subdivided as necessary.
  3. Equipment can be used to give a brief description of any notable ships or external weapons and equipment associated with the droid character.
Each of these sections may be further subdivided as appropriate.